A LITTLE ABOUT THE Second chance fund

The Second Chance Fund was founded by Lodi Veterinary Care to provide a solution to one of the most heart-breaking situations faced by any veterinary team. When an animal with a very treatable disease or condition is forced to face euthanasia because of finances, the Second Chance Fund provides an alternative. Some of these animals are client owned, some are homeless, and some are from rescues or humane societies. 

When the owner or caretaker cannot provide their pet with the treatment that they desperately need and euthanasia is the only option for them, surrendering the pet to the Second Chance program is a life-saving alternative. Our goal is to provide these animals a resource that will allow them to receive the veterinary care they need and then be adopted into a forever home.

Our organization is unique in that it does not provide grants or financial assistance but admits that animal into the Second Chance Program. An admission application is submitted and if accepted, the Second Chance Fund assumes responsibility for the care of the animal and provides the funding to pay the veterinary bills and expenses necessary for the treatment that is needed to make the animal healthy and whole once more. 

the miracle of maggie may

WESLEY– A SCF favorite was given his "second chance" after being hit by a car. Wesley underwent orthopedic surgery to repair a broken forelimb and is now living life to the fullest!

TRACKS – This adorable kitten was found roaming some railroad tracks. When he was first brought to Lodi Veterinary Care he was shy and a little feisty! With lots of socialization this handsome guy became a wonderful cat and found his forever home!

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