frequently asked questions

How do i get an animal admitted for care through the second chance fund?

Fill out an admission application found under PROGRAMS - ANIMAL ADMISSION


We focus our efforts on treatable conditions and pets that are very adoptable when healthy. Yes, there are automatic exclusions. You can access the Second Chance Fund guidelines under PROGRAMS - ANIMAL ADMISSION

how does the adoption process work?

The Second Chance Fund has organized an adoption committee consisting of Lodi Veterinary Care Veterinarians, community members, and Second Chance Fund directors that review the adoption applications and choose qualified applicants. If several applications are of equal qualification, a random drawing will be held to determine ownership of the pet. If you are not chosen to be an adopted parent of a Second Chance animal, this is not a reflection or a judgement of your ability to care for a pet!

can i just apply for funding or does that animal need to be surrendered?

Our organization is designed to provide all necessary care for the animal. This includes housing, daily care, medical treatments, and placement into a forever home. We do not issue funding or grants to other organizations. We will happily take in an animal from a rescue or humane society.

who is responsible for transporting the animal to lodi, wi?

There are several non-profit organizations who arrange transportation for animals in need of care. The Second Chance Fund does not cover costs associated with transporting animals admitted into the program.

if i adopt an animal and it isn't the right fit, can they be returned to the SCF program?

Yes. If you feel that the pet you have adopted is not a good fit for your home, you have two weeks from the adoption date to return the pet to the Second Chance Fund.

if i surrender an animal to the second chance fund for care, can i adopt him/her when they are healthy again?

No.  The Second Chance Fund was designed to provide an alternative to euthanasia and is not organized to provide financial support to pet owners. It would not be fiscally responsible for us to return a pet to the same situation once we have invested time and resources to provide a Second Chance. We commit to finding the pet a wonderful home where it will be well cared for, but unfortunately cannot return it to the original situation.

are there fees associated with adoption and surrender?

Yes. The fees are nominal compared to the resources invested in the care and treatment of the animals. Adoption fees are $200 for dogs and $100 for a cat. The surrender fee in the event of an owner surrender is $100.

what if there are complications related to the pet's original injury that need care after adoption?

Follow up care will be included and covered by the Second Chance Fund for a period of time that will be clearly outlined on a case by case basis.